ARSENIC a huge potential Risk!

Arsenic poisening is the second most important health hazard related
to drinking water and pathogenic microorganisms are the No.1 health

That is the initial reason why a partnership between German and Laotian environmental active companies was formed to create a project as a

German Public-Private Partnership Project in Laos PDR which is titled:

Demonstration and Implementation of products and technologies to indicate and remove arsenic and other heavy metals in drinking water

The defined Project Targets

  • Test, adjust and implement the FerroSorp-Adsorbent for the removal of arsenic and heavy metals from drinking water under conditions of poor rural areas

  • Test and implement suitable simple methods to disinfect drinking water in rural areas

  • Test and implement suitable simple field methods to indicate arsenic and pathogens in drinking water

  • Approaches of financing and operating of small drinking water plants in rural

We invite you to have a deeper look into that subject by “surfing” this webpage and to share our experiences of that project