Consulting Engineers Dr. Frank Panning
Germany and Bangkok, Thailand


       Consulting Engineers Dr. Frank Panning Hoppegarten/ Germany and Bangkok/  Thailand is a consultant partner of HeGoBiotec GmbH.
           Dr. Prank Panning is a freelancing consultant engineer in the field of environmental protection. His activities and experiences are focused since about 30 years on waste water treatment, water supply and lake rehabilitation. He is mainly located in Bangkok since 2007.
In the last year He was involved in project in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand like
  • Rehabilitation of the Hoankiem Lake in Hanoi/ Vietnam.
  • Industrial waste water treatment in industrial zones in Can Tho/ South Vietnam.
  • Implementation of Aquaponic systems as combined Aquaculture and Hydroponic system in Laos
  • Dredging and dewatering of sediments from open channels in Bangkok.
  • Removal of arsenic and heavy metals from drinking water in Laos.