Ourworld rural development

Ourworld rural development Co., Ltd,
Vientiane / Laos


Ourworld Rural Development has been established since the early 2008 in Laos. The  company was founded out of a initiative between local and German environmental experts, which lead to a international team under German management. Ourworld got more than 20 years experience in the business of decentralized water management and related services. The philosophy regarding products – beside the Ourworld registered patents is based on a solid water consultancy offering integrated, product independent solutions to solve water related stress and problems, especially based on renewable energies and on a decentralized basis. Ourworld Rural Development offers ecologically and economically meaningful solutions to demonstrate the ”how to” use the resources in a sustainable way. Since 2009 Ourworld is involved in several PPP projects in Laos, as local coordinator and in the field of arsenic elimination as a local contract partner.